Create awesome 3D experiences with Vue

Build 3D with Vue

TresJS reduces the gap between developers and the intimidating world of 3D.
A custom renderer for Three.js powered by Vite.


TresJS enables you to utilise all capabilities of Three.js declaratively by using Vue components and let <TresCanvas /> manage the rest. Utilise the lifecycle of Vue components to engage with events and manage state transitions.

Your first scene

DX-focused Ecosystem

Expand the core capabilities with packages like cientos and post-processing to reduce the 🍝 code for tasks like handling 3D Models or adding camera controls.

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Be part of a big community of creators and 3D enthusiasts.

Thanks to our Sponsors 🙏🏻

TresJS is build by a small team of 3D and Vue enthusiasts that maintain the project on their free-time 😊

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Take the community’s word for it

Bruno Simon

Bruno Simon

Author of Three.js Journey

While Three.js makes 3D for the web easier, TresJS makes it effortless and accessible. In just a few lines of code, you can create awesome experiences while maintaining low-level accessibility.

Vue.js is lucky to have such a dedicated and talented community and I’m always pleased to see new projects made with TresJS.

Daniel Roe

Daniel Roe

Nuxt core team lead

TresJS is one of the projects I’m most excited about seeing take off in the Vue community. The team are doing amazing work at ensuring building with three.js is effortless in Nuxt (and more broadly!). Great work



Community Engineer at @astrodotbuild

Integrating TresJS with Astro is so seamless! It’s amazing to see the Astro universe and ecosystem being expanded with 3D capabilities (which can be quite complex) without giving up on performance and speed.

Evan you

Evan you

Creator of @vuejs, @vite_js

I’ve always wanted to see a polished 3D solution in the Vue ecosystem, and I think TresJS is just that! Excited to see it unlock the creativity for Vue devs in another dimension :)

Francesco Michelini

Francesco Michelini

Freelance Creative Developer / @AWWWARDS judge

Managed to add @dimforge’s Rapier to @tresjs_dev This is not a standalone package yet but simply a custom integration, but it’s a good start. Now I can’t stop playing with this stuff

Matias Capeletto (Patak)

Matias Capeletto (Patak)

Vite, Vitest core team member

TresJS is not only a fantastic ally for your 3D adventures. It’s also a welcoming community of creators building a fundamental library for the Vue ecosystem. Check out the movement in their Discord and GitHub; there are high chances you’ll end up involved in the project!

Yaël Guilloux (Tahul)

Yaël Guilloux (Tahul)

Author of

Vue ecosystem needed someone that pushed the 3D subject and thankfully @tresjs_dev finally did it! Try it ASAP, you’re just a few clicks away from the playground!


Verekia | 🧑‍💻

TresJS is an excellent way for Vue developers to get into 3D and game development. It has a solid ecosystem and a passionate community. I highly recommend it!